December 2019
Men 19-35 beast
5´emom snatch
For time:

50 wall ball 9 kg
20 dead lift 125 kg
50 wall ball 9 kg
Watch movement standard. For WOD information click HERE.
All workouts must be done up to the 21st day of the month.

When filming a video, you must have your own judge who is responsible for your score and the order in the table. We believe that you will not have a problem to find a friend who evaluates your performance, the standards of each practice are known by everyone who crossfit. We recommend that your judge count loudly and report “no reps”. Make sure all the exercises are visible on the camera for whole time so your score/time is undoubted. By submitting the video, you became responsible for its accuracy. In case Organizing Commity find out breach of standards or miscalculation in number of reps, you will be penalized and getting zero points for this WOD. In case of any doubts or questions, please contact our team, who reserves the right of “ head judge” and resolve any unclear situation.